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July 6th, 2010

We Need Your Help: Donate to TEDxOilSpill and Get a T-Shirt

As you may be aware, TEDxOilSpill was organized in under 4 weeks by a team of volunteers headed by Nate Mook and Dave Troy. There was no big corporate sponsor, and although we did our best to keep costs to a minimum, putting on an event is not cheap. A few incredible sponsors helped make TEDxOilSpill possible, but we are still about $3,500 short of covering our costs.

We need your help to raise the rest of these funds. Please donate whatever you can. While supplies last, if you give $20 or more, we will send you a limited-edition TEDxOilSpill t-shirt (example below) in the size you request.

We want to be completely transparent about this, so below we have detailed our current expenses and income.

– Venue Fees: $7,500
– T-Shirts: $1,550
– Video: $3,000
– AV Rental: $975
– Food at TEDxOilSpill: $9,700
– Signage: $1,500
– Badge Supplies: $800
– Program: $800
– Speaker Travel: $3,000
– Transportation Costs: $393
Total Expenses: $29,218

– Ticket Sales: $11,500
– Sponsors: $13,500
– T-Shirt Sales: $700
Total Income: $25,700

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June 28, 2010
Washington, DC